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Inscovery promotions help you grow your audience by reaching millions of Instagrammers around the world.

You can choose to run your promotion on the homepage or the individual categories page depending on your choice. If you choose to run on the homepage, new visitors will immediately see your advertisement, giving you a first mover advantage. If you prefer to target customers with a specific interest, you can choose to advertise in specific categories.

Take note that all Promos are based on a first come, first server basis and runs on a 30 days from the date of purcahse. Once a person has take up a slot either in the homepage or categories, that placement will be exclusive until the 30 days is up. All prices are in US dollars. Purchasing an promo means your agree to the terms of sale below and terms of service.

USD $5.00
Recommended image dimensions 100 width x 100 height.
(PNG, GIF, JPG) max upload size 5mb.
Maximum 120 Characters
Maximum 15 Characters

Terms of Sale

All sales are final. No refunds unless the promo is not accepted. The refund will be pro-rated if the promo has already run for a portion of its purchased duration.

The price and quantity of promos sold may change at any time.

Prices are currently fixed at the moment and may change in the future according to demand.

Inscovery may edit promo content for technical, layout, or style-conformance purposes, such as resizing images or performing minor copy edits if necessary.

Once you purchase an ad, it must be approved by Inscovery before it goes live, which typically occurs within 24 hours. Inscovery reserves the right to reject an promo for any reason, such as (but not limited to) billing issues, miscategorization, quality concerns, or content.

Promos are shown to all visitors inclusive of members. This gives you a greater exposure.

Ad text and images must be appropriate for a general audience of all ages.

Heavily inspired by NomadList's promo system.